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At Axis Rejuvenation, we offer safe, effective solutions for men suffering with low testosterone that address many of the psychological and physical symptoms caused by this medical condition. Centrally located outside the main gate of Ft. Leonard Wood, our facility caters to the needs of men, with treatments designed to help increase your muscle mass, sharpen your memory and concentration, boost your libido, and improve your energy levels.

Our doctors and experienced team of professionals can answer any of your questions about low testosterone and testosterone replacement therapy. Whether you’re experiencing the signs of low testosterone, want to know your testosterone levels, or need more information on how we help increase your testosterone, request your appointment today.

We also offer minor cosmetic procedures for women, including Botox and lip injections.



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Axis Rejuvenation
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Bypass the Hormone Roadblock

If your hormones aren’t right, then nothing is right, from your energy levels and sleep patterns to your mood. Here are some important indicators of hormone imbalance that you may be experiencing, but attributing to other factors in your life.

Working out but not seeing results?

If you find that you’re eating right and exercising, but not really seeing or feeling the benefits, then hormones may be to blame. Instead of working harder, consider taking a closer look at your hormones.

Feeling anxious for seemingly no reason?

Do you feel anxious even when there really isn’t any reason? Hormonal imbalance can lead to many changes in your mood, including anxiety, restlessness, and nervousness.

Can’t get a good night’s sleep?

Do you find it hard to sleep, even when you’re exhausted? Hormones help regulate your sleep patterns as well, along with other functions that impact your ability to rest.

As you can see, hormones have the ability to help us look and feel great, so if you’re not feeling your best, then you should have your hormone levels tested. By finding and correcting an imbalance, you’ll be able to get back to living life to its fullest!