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Camp Barnabas is a unique ministry providing Christian camping experiences to people with special needs and chronic illnesses, along with their siblings. The program exists to offer life-changing experiences to campers and to the people who serve them. Utilizing the camp venue, our organization provides ministry and social experiences that increase spiritual knowledge, social learning, and human dignity. Our goal is to show others the love of Christ in every aspect of our ministry. Camp Barnabas goes beyond one week at summer camp. The Barnabas experience changes perspectives and redefines disability.

Over the past 22 years, Camp Barnabas has welcomed more than 75,000 campers and missionaries to camp. We are passionate not only in changing the lives of those with special needs and chronic illnesses, but also changing the lives of all who come in contact with Barnabas: siblings, missionaries, parents, staff, and donors.

Camp Barnabas has two locations in the Ozarks: Camp Barnabas at Teas Trail in Purdy and Camp Barnabas at Table Rock Lake in Shell Knob. At our two locations, we meet the needs of people with disabilities so they can have an incredible camp experience and learn more about Christ. To make camp possible, we team up with groups and individuals all across the nation to match up each person one-on-one with our campers. Camp is more than an experience. Lives are changed for everyone involved.

“I witness a lot of firsts here. I’ll overhear campers say ‘I’ve never been paint balling before!’ or ‘I’ve never even been invited. Did you see me?’ Each one spectacular and special. I wish I could depict every moment. There is nothing like experiencing someone’s emotions in a first time opportunity. You can’t win it, you can’t earn it, you can’t put a price on it. It is a blessing in the purest sense of the word.” – Mike M.



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“It is so great to see the ministry that started here many many years ago is continuing not just to bless the campers but to really bless the young people and even the adults that serve and are a part of this ministry. Just know God is still the guiding force at Barnabas and it is an amazing place that it always has been. It is fun and it will change your life forever. “
– Cyndy Teas (Camp Barnabas Co-Founder)