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Harry Cooper Supply Company, one of Springfield Missouri’s oldest businesses, will be celebrating their 114th year anniversary in 2022.

The company’s roots began in 1908 by Henry (Harry) Cooper, Jr.. In 1913 a new building was built on Water Street and later was incorporated on January 14, 1915. In 1921, John Henry George (JHG) Cooper entered the family business. The Company’s founder continued to be very active in the business until his passing in 1943.

Under JHG’s leadership the company continued to prosper and eventually relocated again in 1950 after purchasing and remodeling the old Springfield Wagon Factory facility at 605 North Sherman in Springfield, MO. In 1954 JHG’s son John O (Jack) Cooper joined the company following graduation from the University of Missouri and two years in the U.S. Air Force. In 1956 Jack’s older brother James Henry (Harry) Cooper, joined the company after graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy and spending five years as a Naval Aviator.

JHG Cooper served as president of the Company until 1978, when his health began to fail. He later died in early 1981. Beginning in 1978, coincidental with their father’s retirement and the establishment of C. B. Management Co., Inc., Jack and Harry shared responsibility for running the company, and held the offices of President and Vice President, respectively, in all of the operating companies as well as the parent company. In 1991 Jack’s son John T, joined the business after graduating from the University of Colorado, Boulder, CO. After Jack’s death in 1993, Harry became President of the company and John was named vice-president.

Today, Harry Cooper Supply Company offers the largest and most diverse selection of plumbing, heating, waterworks, cooling, refrigeration, and electrical products in the greater Ozarks region. While maintaining their presence in the Ozarks region the company has never lost sight of the original focus of building the business one customer at a time and maintaining the philosophy of “Treat people right, go steady and straight, and keep at it.”



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