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Steve Flanagan is a nationally known board-certified Hearing Instrument Specialist. For almost 30 years, he has serviced the southwest Missouri area and helped thousands of people across the country improve their hearing.

After taking a break for a few years, he is back with Springfield Hearing Aid. At Springfield Hearing Aid, you can expect the same quality service Steve has given the area for nearly three decades. SHA only utilizes the highest-caliber hearing aids, including Oticon, Widex, ReSound, and Phonak. Most exciting is the Video Otoscope. This instrument allows Mr. Flanagan to see on a big screen inside the patient’s ear. It helps Mr. Flanagan discuss things with the client while he is screening their hearing.



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Protect Your Hearing with These Simple Tips

Hearing is a gift that deserves protecting, but that be difficult due to the amount of noise we deal with daily. You can help protect your hearing however, if you’re proactive. The following steps can help you keep your ears safe for years to come.

  1. Protect your hearing

Ear protection can spare your ears from potentially damaging sound, but you have to have it handy and use it regularly. Many situations warrant this type of protection, including loud concerts and sporting events. So make it easy to protect your hearing by having ear protection available at all times if you regularly encounter noisy situations.

  1. Reconsider earbuds

While earbuds are popular, they can potentially be problematic for your hearing. These devices can introduce sound deep into the ear, depending on sound, and depending on volume, can be damaging. Consider using old-fashioned headphones, and keep the volume reasonable. 

  1. Pay attention to ear health

Ear infections are common ailments that affect many people. In fact, a high number struggle with repetitive ear infections from childhood through adulthood. Do yourself a favor and be careful with your ear health. If you suspect an ear infection, seek treatment immediate to limit the potential long-term effects.

It’s important to be proactive with your health, including your hearing. Since damage to your hearing is often permanent and irreversible, this is particularly crucial. To schedule a hearing test to see where things stand right now, please call us at (417) 351-4100.

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Hearing Aid Lunch and Learn

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