Vets 4 Huntn & Fishn

About Us

Vets 4 Huntn & Fishn was founded by a US Army Combat Veteran. We are dedicated to serving the Veteran community with our ultimate goal of reducing Veteran suicides.

As Veterans we recognize the struggles in civilian life. Vets4 Huntn & Fishn is designed to give Veterans a place to reach out to. Vets 4 Huntn & Fishn gives Vets the opportunity to ”reset” while therapy hunting and fishing.

The benefits of recreation therapy for Veterans include improving physical well being such as weight management and controlling diabetes and hypertension. The therapy can also improve social functioning and help Veterans develop new leisure skills. It can enhance creative expression and break down barriers for cultural expression.

Veterans will leave with an experience of a lifetime! These special hunting and fishing trips are designed to bring the Veteran community together and to let other Vets know they are not alone



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