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Keeping Customers Informed As Restrictions Relax

While the COVID-19 pandemic is not exactly over, many counties and states are easing their restrictions on what businesses may open and how many customers they, in turn, can have. 
If your business was one that had to close for a period of time and you have either reopened or are in that process, then your customers want to know your current status. Here are a few simple ways you can keep your customers informed so everyone can stay safe and in the know as we all move forward into this new environment.

Post policies online

Posting your policies on all your social media pages and also your website is the easiest way to put your information out there. People visit these pages often, and they will refer to them heavily to know what they need to do should they choose to venture outside their homes. Be clear about what your business is doing to follow less-stringent guidelines while also keeping everyone safe. 

Secure TV time

Though you may have reduced your marketing campaigns during shutdowns, now is the time to get your name back out there. Run ads proclaiming you are back open for business. In those ads, discuss your new policies and show you are still looking out for your customers’ best interests. It is even a good idea to run an ad that simply thanks essential workers like health care providers and grocery store employees for all their hard work and dedication for the last few months. 

Offer timely promotions to get people back

It is a great idea to offer timely promotions that respect the current situation and reward customers for coming to your business. For instance, you could offer a discount to people who wear a mask inside your store or those who bring fewer guests with them to help keep capacity down. 

Remember, though restrictions are lessening and many of us are eager to get out and about again, it is important to move forward with caution and openness. Your customers want to know you are looking out for them. By instituting these policies and sticking to them, their confidence in your business will increase and you will have created even more fiercely loyal customers than you had before!