The holiday shopping season will soon be upon us which means business owners everywhere are shifting gears to grab as much holiday traffic as possible. This is a critical season for many businesses, so critical that it can make or break your entire year. 

If you are running out of ideas on how to attract more people, we can help. The following ideas are easy to implement but can help you end the year on a high note.

1. Consider extending your hours: People have family, work and social obligations which means it is hard to find time to shop for the holidays. Make it easy by extending your hours unless there is a strong reason not to. Even an hour later may keep them from going to your competition that happens to be open. 

2. Offer great weekly specials: Start offering weekly specials that are good enough to get attention and keep people coming back. Let shoppers know that specials change weekly so they understand the urgency of getting things now and checking back to see what the next special is.

3. Get into the season: Set up your space to celebrate the holidays to get people in the right spirit. This applies to about every business, even if you do not have a storefront. If you have a storefront, decorate it for each holiday. If you do not, you can change your newsletters, flyers, emails and social media background and posts to reflect your enthusiasm for the holidays, 

4. Offer more gift and impulse items: Impulse items near your checkout area are always smart, just make sure your amp this up for the holidays. People forget gifts, parties and want to treat themselves when they are running errands. Have multiple price ranges and rotate them regularly. You can do this on your online store as well. 

5. Geofence your competitors: Digital advertising gives you some serious tools to get in front of your target audience. Geofencing is one of them and it can help you get your competitor’s traffic. If you are in a competitive industry or market, you are missing out if you are not taking advantage of geofencing. 

6. Gift certificates: Gift certificates are not just for Christmas! You can offer them for all occasions and reap the benefits of prepaid sales. You can have digital gift cards for online customers, and physical versions for people that want something to hold. Just make sure your gift card policies are clear and offer them in multiple values, so shoppers have options.  

This can be your most profitable part of the year, but you must start now to make it happen. These tips are a great start, but if you need even more help getting traction for the holidays, give us a call at (417)553-9105.