Would you be surprised to learn that revenue generated from email marketing is increasing and expected to reach an estimated 11 billion by the end of 2023? So while it’s easy to see your overstuffed inbox and think there is too much noise, those emails are generating money for businesses across the country.

If you are curious about using email marketing in your business, but do not know where to start, we can help. While email marketing can be a bit complicated on a large scale, there are some simple tips you can use to utilize it to build awareness for your small business.

Have a purpose: Before you do anything, you must decide how you will use email marketing. Will you use it to send specials? Are you trying to spread brand awareness? Will you send a letter, or will you send something more like a flier or newsletter? Decide this before you start and make sure everything you send supports your goals.

Be consistent: Once you know the purpose of your email marketing plan, you need to decide frequency. Once you do, you need to be consistent. For instance, if you plan to send weekly specials, send them weekly. If you are sending a monthly newsletter, send it monthly. You do not want prospects to look for your weekly mailer and not find it because they will soon stop looking altogether.

Do not over send: Over sending emails will annoy customers and lead to unsubscribes. It may also lead to spam reports, which can prevent you from sending any emails. Avoid this by being cautious with your sends. Most of the time weekly emails are well tolerated but check the reports on your email to see if lots of people are unsubscribing or not-opening them. If you notice either of these, reduce the frequency of your sends.

Use common sense subject lines: It can be tempting to use word play or be clever in your subject lines. It is best to avoid this and consider the purpose of the email. You want people to open your email, read what you have to say and click through to your website. Having a clear subject line that tells the reader what they can expect to see if they click is the best way to do that.  There are quite a few email service providers you can use for free or at a low cost. Mailchimp, for example, offers a free subscription that works great for small businesses. If you want to try email marketing but really do not want to manage it yourself, we can help! Send us a message to start the conversation.