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United Axle spindles are threaded into the axle tube allowing spindles to be easily installed and removed – making them replaceable and serviceable! United Axle is leading the axle industry in the this cutting-edge technology. 

UA Service Centers are opening across the nation to offer truck owners the solution when it comes to spindle replacement. 

Our innovative proprietary process for spindle replacement is not only affordable but, also quickly completed on-site in under three hours.

All United Axle service locations run fully equipped service vehicles with the tooling needed to replace a spindle roadside or at your shop location to get you back on the road quick.

Call out times in most cases are within 24-48 hours. No more waiting days to get your vehicle back on the road.

United Axle spindles are not just welded on. Spindles are threaded on inside the axle tube and torqued down. Then, a final weld is completed to fully seal your axle.



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Our Product

The One And Only Serviceable Spindle
Our spindles were designed with the vehicle owner in mind. They have been designed carefully and precisely with a patented threaded end, so that it can be tightened down into the existing axle tube with the integrated threads. This unique feature makes the United Axle spindles serviceable! In the unfortunate event of another bearing failure, the spindle can be easily removed and replaced again. 
United Axle spindles are proudly made in the U.S.A.