Titan Group

About Us

Being a Titan means upholding the highest standards of excellence in everything we do. It requires a commitment to delivering a top-quality service and ensuring that the customer’s needs always come first.

The characteristics of a Titan align with those of a high performer: dedication, hard work, persistence, and a focus on achieving the best possible outcome. Titans lead by example, delivering quality results that inspire and motivate others to do the same. They are not satisfied with mediocrity and always strive for excellence in all aspects of their work.

A Titan is passionate about their work and committed to their craft; they take pride in every project they undertake and are constantly seeking new ways to enhance their skills and knowledge. With an unwavering dedication to excellence, Titans are the embodiment of what it means to be a high performer in today’s competitive business world.



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Jamie Kostelac, the Co-Founder and CEO of Titan Group.

With a wealth of experience in the business world, Jamie has made a name for himself as the owner and operator of a highly successful junk removal franchise. His outstanding performance in sales and customer service has propelled his business to the top of the franchise system. Additionally, Jamie has used his expertise to consult with other franchises, helping them improve their systems and processes

What sets Jamie apart is his genuine passion for helping others reach their full potential. His remarkable achievements include winning Small Business of the Year in Oklahoma City and leading his franchise to be recognized as a Top 15 franchise for five consecutive years.

Driven by his dreams of starting his own business, Jamie and his business partner Aaron founded Titan Group. This endeavor not only allows him to build successful companies in different cities, but also enables him to directly impact the lives of the people who contribute to its success. Jamie is happily married to his wife Lauren and the father of two boys Zander and Zaiden. Jamie envisions Titan Group as a driving force in the service industry, bringing together like-minded individuals on an extraordinary journey to be the standard in home services.