About Us


Ozarks Linked began from one simple belief – more than ever, it is important for Ozarks businesses to stick together. No matter the size of your business, Ozarks Linked brings you together with other great local companies, minds, and talent.

Membership is affordable for all business types and gives you access to digital marketing techniques that directly targets your competitions’ customers. Higher levels of membership also grant you social media posts, blog entries, and even TV appearances! Future networking events are also included in all membership packages.

Every membership level gives you an exclusive seat at our quarterly networking events, where you can get to know fellow top businesses in the area. Food and drink is provided at no extra charge to you.

Whereas other networking groups like this can cost thousands, our highest pricing level is under $700! That makes now the perfect time to connect with other Ozarks businesses. When linked together, we are stronger.